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Bamboo Sumpreme plainpressed caramel
Bamboo Supreme
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2-ply flooring

MOSO Bamboo Supreme is made from two layers of bamboo, with a 4mm toplayer and a cross pressed bamboo backing. The total thickness is 10mm which is relatively thin compared to other wood floors. However, as with any wood species the basic rule is: the thicker, the less stable the wood (shrink/swell). The 10mm thickness and 4mm toplayer is an ideal compromise between durability and stability and therefore offers a perfect solution for heavy circumstances, like installation on floor heating and/or installation in heavy traffic areas.

technical characteristics
• Hardness: 4,0 kg/mm2 (Brinell) High density version: 9,5 kg/mm2 (Brinell)
• Shrink/swell: 0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
• Equilibrium MC: 10% at 20°C and 65% Rel. Air Humidity 8% at 20°C and 50% Rel. Air Humidity
• Density: 700 kg/m3; High density version: 1050 kg/m3
• Fire class: EN13501-1: Cfl-s1
• Thermal conductivity: λ = 0,17 W/(m·K)
• Thermal resistance: R = 0,058 m2·K/W
• Emission formaldehyde: <0,124 mg/m3 (E1 norm); <0,025 mg/m3 (E0 norm) - when using EPI glue