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Studio Carneval Black Swan
Studio Carneval
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VE.0E35 Black Swan
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Custom projects turn the mosaic concept into reality. From thought to fulfilment.

Starting with the origins of the traditional mosaic, and through a journey of ideas, various disciplines and art, we have created a contemporary version of the mosaic which brings together and renews the figurative theme of Venetian masks. The bold display of the wealth in detail embraces the historic and present-day tradition of Venice’s carnival celebration, merging transgression and tradition and offering a unique and unusual way of interpreting this theme.

Even industrial mosaics have the ability to speak the language of art. Public areas, hotels, concept stores, small and large private areas ... there are no limits to creativity. Creating a mosaic is like drawing on a blank page with coloured pencils. In some projects the support and experience of master mosaic artists at Mosaico+ is pivotal in assessing all technical aspects, from the study of the design to the modularity of the sheets, from the installation surfaces to the supply of skilled labour to ensure state-of- the-art execution.