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Decor Blooming | Wind Flowers Green 10x10
Blooming Decor
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DE.0K65 Wind Flowers Green
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Mosaici in vetro composti da tessere in formato 10x10 mm delle collezioni VETRINA Glossy / VETRINA Matt e DORO, montate in fibra di vetro a realizzare composizioni modulari o pannelli singoli.

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An amazing visual journey through a botanical garden that will envelop you with natural colours and forms, employing decorations which embody all the sensuality and perfumes of the flowers, for a new, fresh and harmonic style of life.

From fashion industry to the very last trend in the interior design, floral weaves pass in foreground, through the bright and iridescent effects of the mosaic. Blooming shoots emanate all the springs typical perfumes and colours, leaves and branches draw refined texture on the walls, with unique compositions that enrich any kind of architecture and furniture.

FLOWERS WIND Decor 10x10
designer Carlo Dal Bianco
Flower Wind is a dive in the Seventies, in that hippie and chic atmospheres characterized of transparencies and silk chiffon, floral printings with green and pink tones, lightweight, fresh and glamour cloths. Falling down as a cascade, the flowers effects are realized thanks to shiny tiles made up in contrast with a light, horizontal, shiny and opaque weave.

designer by Ikos
A complete natural energy for the Sakura Decor, that weaves the luminescence of Perle collection with the soft glares of the Concerto one, to emanate positive vibrations according with the harmonic and balanced signs and perfumes from the East. Essential and natural weaves for endless expressive possibilities inside residential and commercial spaces.

LACQUER Decor 15x15
designer Carlo Dal Bianco
Lacquer is the decoration inspired by the amazing and exotic world of the Chinese lacquers, in particular by the peonies, declined in four chromatic versions: Red, Violet, Grey and Blue.
It is characterize by tone on tone colours, pulled together and repeated in order to create uninterrupted images. The plasticity and opacity of the Concerto tiles plus the beauty of nacreous tiles of Perle collection make the surfaces trembling with life: the colour is not just a background, but it grows in character and expressiveness.

NIGHT BLOOM Decor 15x15
designer Carlo Dal Bianco
Carlo dal Bianco, taking advantage from the versatility of Concerto, Perle and Doro collections, realizes always new designs, made more and more dynamic thanks to the light and lively combination of different colours and surfaces. The low thickness of the mosaic makes it a good option to cover curved surfaces and make them appear lighter, both in public and private spaces.