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Cromie 15x15 Pistoia
Cromie 15x15
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CR.0K14 Pistoia
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Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
Glass-Glass mosaics >
Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
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Mixtures, patterns and combinations of colour that let creativity run wild

A set of collections that inspire surprising mosaic compositions limited only by your imagination. Cromie offers a rich colour palette subdivided by shades where, with a pinch of creativity, anyone can find the perfect composition of mixtures and motifs to suit their fancy. Each collection expresses its own personality: from the richness of colour to luminous iridescence, from the material appeal of gold to the illusive transparency of glass, for the “extreme” art of mosaic composition, with no holds barred. Cromie is a collection of mixes and modular decorations created with the chips of the Perle, Doro, Concerto, Aurore and Tanticolori collections. The mixtures and compositions create original polychrome surfaces, each different in tactile appeal and bearing the signature style of the collection it was born of: a unique way to express and create innovative interior design projects.

Technical notes
Blends of square chips in varying percentages and with a random arrangement from the Colore collection (Tanticolori, Aurore, Doro, Perle, Vetrina, Concerto). Chips are 4 mm thick and measure 10x10 mm, 15x15 mm and 20x20 mm and are mounted on fiberglass mesh to form a sheet measuring 327x327 mm, in which the tiles are spaced about 2 mm apart.