Product description

20x20x4 mm

327x327 mm

Product variants


Surfaces transformed by fluid ripples. Colours magically blended by a contemporary alchemy. Interweaving streaks of colour and 28 delicately varying adventurine shades melt into warm, sophisticated surfaces that still reveal their bond to nature in the depth of the material and the lightness of its colours. Aurore encapsulates a creative process that originates in tradition to express a strong personality in architecture in contemporary style.

Fused glass mosaic consisting of chips made from glass mixed with glaze granules and/or chips of glass-goldstone crystal (a semi-pre- cious gemstone). Aurore is a mosaic comprising bevelled square chips 4 mm thick, in size 20x20 mm, mounted on glass bre mesh to form a sheet of 327x327 in which the chips are about 1.9 mm apart. This product’s distinctive features are its high level of transparency and the coppery and opale- scent glints that create a unique, shining surface.