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BOX saga
BOX saga
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Product description

BOX. saga. brown.
MDF multiple painted clear print

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The Morizza Box Saga is available in three different high-quality versions.

Through carefully chosen oak real wood veneer the light version lends the Box Saga a haptics with a unique character and resembles the chromaticity of driftwood. Multiple paint layers and grinding protect the surface optimally and the wood gets a warm shade of honey. The darker version of the Box Saga consists of MDF which is ennobled / finished by multilayered paint and is hand grinded as well.

Our high-quality printing process includes the diverse and vivid surfaces of the corpus and lends every object cabinet its own personality. Playing with the dimensions of the structure creates a novel perspective on the material wood. The beam look continues in the interior of the cabinet. The glass shelves creates a structured layout.

Dimensions per cabinet element
170 x 44 x 34 cm
180 x 44 x 34 cm
190 x 44 x 34 cm

We recommend a space of 15 to 25 cm to the floor when the cabinet is attached to the wall.
The standard depth of the cabinet is suitable to store folders, shoes, dishes, clothes, towels, books etc.
On request we enjoy to realise individual special dimensions or extras such as illumination or cable exits.

For combinations with several cabinet elements we offer three different beam designs.
All prints are 100% solvent-free and the used prints are / paint is suitable for children toys.