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Heracleum The Big O - Big Nickel
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In the Heracleum The Big O, by Bertjan Pot, the flowering leaves are shaped in a blossoming crown. In the old days a circular crown was a symbol of power, eternity and glory. The Heracleum The Big O adds the beauty of nature and prosperity to that row. Available in two sizes and three colours, this festive foliage is suitable for any space and crowns any interior.

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Nature meets technology in the Heracleum family by Bertjan Pot. This airy LED lamp is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The white leaves ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. With its perpetual blossom of sprigs, there is hardly a limit to the Heracleum family. It branches out in straight lines, hanging in circles, and forming square geometric shapes.

Like almost all of Bertjan Pot’s designs, the Heracleum started out as an experiment. The Dutch designer loves exploring all possibilities of a material. For his Heracleum design, he experimented with LED lights. He tried lighting many LED lights simultaneously and experimented with bundles of electrical wires shaped into a branch structure. During development, he realised it would need too much soldering.

Not willing to give up on his idea, Pot contacted Moooi’s founder and creative director Marcel Wanders. He came up with the luminous idea to apply Electrosandwich® by Marcel Wanders studio. A technique of two layers of isolation and conductivity coated onto the structure. The conductive layer on top supplied the LEDs with power. This technique allowed the design to be even more slender than he initially hoped. His design and Electrosandwich® proved perfect for each other.