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Montana Wardrobe
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Montana Wardrobe is a flexible storage solution that allows you to express your own personal style, colour scheme and needs when designing your wardrobe.

Montana Wardrobe comprises five basic modules in 60 cm depths and made from 16 mm MDF. Use an empty basic module as starting point and add Wardrobe accessories or choose from Montana's wide selection of furnished Wardrobe modules, to which additional accessories can be added.

Montana Mirror can be used in stylish combination with the wardrobe and are available in sizes that complement the Montana Wardrobe module sizes.

Montana Wardrobe can be fitted on plinths, legs, base plates on castors – or hung on the wall to create a light and airy look. On castors, Montana Wardrobe gives you the freedom to use your space in a whole new way. The flexible units allow you to change things around when new needs arise, or when you want to change the interior and create a new atmosphere.

Wardrobe accessories
The Montana Wardrobe storage solution comprises everything you need in a modern wardrobe solution: Classic modules with doors, drawers, trays and shelves – or pull-out storage, which can be fitted with shelves, fabric baskets and trouser racks. The multitude of Wardrobe accessories offers you the freedom to arrange your wardrobe the way you want.

The tall units have space for party dresses and coats, and the unit doors can be fitted with mirrors on the inside.

Find your colour
The Montana furniture system Wardrobe modules in MDF are coated in 42 different lacquer colours.

Montana Wardrobe’s flexible concept is built on Montana’s extensive experience of creating a synthesis of forms, styles and functionality. Of course, you can also combine the Montana Wardrobe with Montana’s other product lines.