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Montana Sound
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Product description

TV bench on wheels

The mobile TV bench has a drawer at the top of each side as well as a space in the middle with a perforated folding door, through which electronics and digital boxes can be operated. Can also be selected with suspension brackets, plinth or castors.

H: 31 cm / W: 115.2 cm / D: 38 cm. 12 mm lacquered MDF.

Product family


The Montana Sound modules have been designed for storing Hi-Fi systems and electronic equipment. Montana has teamed up with the Danish company PointSource Acoustics to develop three different sizes of speakers and one Montana Sound Unit amplifier - all specially designed to complement the modules. Here there are no compromises. Superb sound quality, perfect integration with our shelving systems and full compatibility with various types of wireless streaming.

Montana Sound Section 1-2-3

Is a Montana Sound series novelty, for those who want things as easy as possible: Power up, turn on and enjoy great sound.
Montana Sound Section 1-2-3 are complete stereo systems in specially designed Montana shelving with integrated medium size speakers and a built-in Montana Sound Unit . Montana Sound Section 1-2-3 are available in depth 38 cm in Montana’s 42 lacquer colours.
Simply select colour, and whether you would like the system mounted on the wall or on a plinth.

The technique in Montana Sound has been developed by Danish PointSource Acoustics. The components for the loudspeakers and Montana Sound Unit have been carefully selected and the acoustic engineer Carsten Tinggaard has paid much attention to the details in order to achieve the very best result.