The new spotlight SOHO leads every presentation to a big success. Its superior design and language of shapes make SOHO to the absolute star wherever style and visual appearance is needed – especially in the field of exclusive shop design. The employed high quality aspheric aluminium reflector allows an output of >80%. The spot is available for 3-phase-track and also as single surface spot. Made out of aluminium, white or black as well as black/white finish powder coated. SOHO is designed in a LED version and also in a HIT-TC- and HI-spot version. SOHO HIT-TC for 20W, 35W and 70W, SOHO LED with LED 15W. Each version of the spot is pivotable and rotatable 350°. SOHO HIT-TC can be adjusted with colour-filters for professional retail.

LED Spotlight: 15W in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K
HIT Spotlight: 35 or 70W HIT-TC-CE
beam angle LED: 16°, 24° or 40°
beam angle HIT: 15°,30° or 42°
different Dichroic filters
optional as Ceiling Luminaire
white, black or white/black