Designed for retail, the Ribben lighting system is characterized by a thorough visual simplification - in order to maximize the focus on the merchandise. Although it offers any required lighting solution, Ribben manages to reduce the total number of different volumes to just three: 1. a linear carrying profile with a vertically oriented rectangular section, crossing space like a ribbon and acting not only as wiring conduit but also as housing for all preset components; 2. a simple cylindrical volume for orientable lighting applications. Available in white, black or black/white, powder-coated with three different beam angles. LED variety with 35 W or 50 W, with LED light colors 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. Also suitable are HIT-TC-CE 35 W, 50 W and 70 W. Both varieties are 340° pivotable and 90° tiltable. Several special filters are available. 3. and there is also a slim horizontal luminaire for general lighting applications with T16 lamps, either in white or black, powder-coated. All lighting units can be placed, moved and removed at any point during or after installation, without essential changes to the system – just a few screws and wires. Overall, the system offers discreet looks, flexibility and performance in line with the latest LED technology.

T5 Systemluminaire: 28/54W
LED Systemluminaire: 14 or 20W
LED light color: 3000 or 4000K
LED System Spotlight: 35 or 50W in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K
HIT System Spotlight: 35, 50 or 70W HIT-TC-CE
beam angle LED: 20°, 29° or 51°
beam angle HIT: 15°,30° or 42°
different Dichroic filters and Honey comb louvre
optional with 3-Phase Euro Adapter
white or black