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The unique appearance of the Balance projector range is a modern demonstration of the widely used design guideline ‚Form Follows Function‘. First of all, its unusually slim proportions express the integration of the state-of-the-art lighting solution. Then the heat sink functionality - typical to all powerful LED applications - is fully integrated as a part of the design, rather than being added afterwards as a separate component. And finally this fully orientable technical projector will fold together into a simple rectangular volume, suggesting precision and eye for detail. Balance comes in three varieties: a surface-mounted version on base, a track-mounted version and a pendant projector. The pendant reveals the inspiration for its name: regardless the orientation of the light beam, the fixture will always come across as naturally balanced.

LED: 4x4W
LED light color: 3200K oder 4200K
Dali Dimm or Analog Dimm
black or white