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505 2011 edition
505 Edizione 2011
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Through radical redesign, 505 System, 2011 edition by Nicola Gallizia authoritatively meets the new design requirements by making use of two primary directrices, namely enhanced functional features through the introduction of dedicated elements such as new multimedia compartments fitted, on request, with two- way audio-video transmitter, cabled writing desks,vertical sliding or flap doors on the one hand, and the other hand better use of the system in terms of composition and aesthetics by placing smaller and more functional elements such as sideboards, wall- mounted modules or new partition types for use on the same frame to create new furnishings based on the concept of composite asymmetry.

NEWS 2013
505/ed.2011 designed by Nicola Gallizia, features a series of new elements that complete the already multi-functional modular 505 system. A series of container units and chests where the distinguishing feature consists of an aluminium frame with innovative adjustable shiny aluminium and black chrome feet. Available in two depths (400 and 540), four heights and in ten widths, the containers make full use of the range of materials and finishes already present in the series. To extend the range of possible compositions, a new side panel height has been added (H 508).