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softseating | indigo blue paper softseating
softseating | indigo blue paper softseating
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molo softseating utilizes a honeycomb structure to fan open into stools, benches, and loungers. The geometry of the honeycomb structure allows for a modest amount of paper to take on surprisingly impressive strength. As sculptural abstract forms made from a single material, softseating can be used creatively and interchangeably as seating or low tables.

indigo blue kraft paper softseating is made from 50% post-consumer recycled content. The saturated indigo colour absorbs and reflects light in incomparable ways, creating a rich textile of luminescent highlights and velvety shadows that shifts with the viewing angle. The robust paper is fade-resistant, fire-rated, and 100% recyclable.
softseating is also available in a variety of other material and colour combinations - as fanning stools/benches in eight sizes, as well as a 2135mm (7') diameter fanning lounger.

Each element of softseating has magnetic end panels, allowing an element to connect to itself (forming a cylindrical stool or low table), or to other elements of the same size in series (creating long winding benches and endless possibilities for seating topographies). Elements can even be stacked and overlaid playfully as building blocks to create unique seating topographies. If not in use, softseating elements can be compressed and stored just like a large book on a shelf.

Designed with the idea that aging is beautiful, paper softseating is not intended to be disposable or thought of for short term use. In fact, the paper gets better with age, as the surface texture of the paper edges softens with use over time into a pleasing natural patina. As the paper stools and loungers are used, the edges of the paper gently soften and crush, creating irregular facets that catch the light and form a unique organic pattern within the crisp honeycomb geometry of the structure. Although the surface of the paper softens, softseating maintains it’s structural integrity.

softseating belongs to molo’s innovative and award winning soft collection of expandable/compressible furniture, lighting, and space partitions created from flexible paper and textile honeycomb structures.