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felt rocks
felt rocks
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felt rocks are sculptural pieces, made from 100% pure wool felt - solid all the way through! felt rocks are sold in sets of 6 hand selected rocks, including one rock that has been split in half to reveal the solid wool interior. The felt rocks are packaged in a natural wool felt bag that can be re-purposed as a fashionable and useful hand bag. The rocks vary in shape in size, but average about 4-6 inches across.

Part discovery, part invention, felt rocks in their raw form are lumps of felt formed as a byproduct in the industrial process of making felt polishing wheels for optical lenses. Small bits of wool fluff gather more and more felt fiber, growing like snowballs, as they tumble around in a big drum with the polishing wheels. Each wool fiber is a tiny hollow tube with burred sides. In the felting process, with steam and pressure, these little hollow tubes become entangled with each other forming a strong bond without any glues or binders. Like rocks formed by the tumbling action of a river, each piece takes on a unique shape. The pieces are selected, processed and finished through a series of steps, with some being hand dyed and other left in natural shades of warm white and grey wool felt.

felt rocks have a tactile, sculptural, curiosity that mysteriously attracts children and grown ups alike. After watching children and adults play with the felt rocks, balancing, building and imagining that they are everything from telephones to landforms to creatures they talk to…we realized that the material palate of toys is mostly plastic, occasionally wood and almost always made into predetermined, realistic figures, animals, spaceships, guns, cars…it seems there should be more room for imagination and exploration.