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Passepartout Wood
Passepartout Wood
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Passepartout is furniture that fits into nearly any outdoor surroundings thanks to its minimalist design. Its shape comes from the strict arrangement of horizontal and vertical lines. Two solid elements form the side panels and the frame for the slats of thermally-treated ash. The surfaces for the bench and table are created using eighteen slats. Nine slats are used for the stool. The slats are arranged at right angles and might remind you of a boardwalk.

The distance between the slats is just 4 mm, which gives the impression of a closed surface. The advantage of the short slats is that in case of damage due to vandalism, they can be replaced easily and cost-effectively. We offer the slats untreated. Due to weathering, after a time they develop a beautiful silver-grey patina. The metal parts are made of hot-galvanised steel. They have a high-quality coating with a slight metallic pattern. Their colour is anthracite, similar to DB 703 metallic or RAL 7024. The individual elements are connected only by screws on the underside of the furniture; therefore, the connections are not visible.