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Passepartout HPL
Passepartout HPL
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Square spaces form the surfaces for our Passepartout HPL furniture line. HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. These are sheets that consist of up to 70% cellulose and 30% melamine resins. The cellulose that is used for the manufacture of the HPL sheets is made from FSC-certified raw material. The material is extremely weather-resistant and UV-stable, which allows the colours of its surface to remain unchanged for many years. Choose from a palette of twenty colour tones, which we have arranged in five small groups. With the Uni looks, there are extremely colourful, dark and muted colours available. Four designs form the group of patterned looks, which are combined under the name "Patterns". The sheets are mounted on supports of angle steel, which connect the side panels to one another. In case of damage due to vandalism, the individual sheets can be replaced easily and cost-effectively. The metal parts are made of hot-galvanised steel. They have a high-quality coating with a slight metallic pattern. Their colour is anthracite, similar to DB 703 metallic or RAL 7024. The individual elements are connected only by screws on the underside of the furniture; therefore, the connections are not visible.