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la linea
la linea
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This slim line design comes in a single 50-litre size, with optional two lids (with and without ashtray) and can be mounted in a variety of ways. Thanks to cost-conscious production methods, this stainless steel container offers a high-quality appearance as well as optimum quality at a reasonable price. It is simple to open and close, easy to empty, very solid, rubbish bags are hidden from view ... This range stands for clear lines, hence its name: “la linea”.

Available in two versions: with and without ashtray. Two fittings on the reverse side of the lid ensure an exact fit and optimum stability. The ashtrays are hot-tip galvanized containers in a cylindrical form with a corrugated surface for stubbing out cigarettes. On opening the lid, the ash falls automatically into the rubbish bag.

Rubbish Bag Suspension
The rubbish bags are stretched around an oval-shaped ring and secured by the closed lid, suspending them in the interior of the bin.

The container is made of stainless steel and the upper surface horizontally sanded. Three interior steel supports make the metal structure extremely stable. The container can be easily removed by opening the lid.

The metal frames are supplied with a secure and self-closing spring mechanism which is easy to use and easy to maintain. The lock is made of hot galvanized steel. It is opened with a standard 8 mm male triangular wrench (not supplied - price upon request).

Steel Frames
Due to different frames made of hot galvanized steel there are 4 ways of mounting to choose from:
- screwed to the ground
- set in concrete
- wall mounted
- rod mounted

All steel parts have been treated with a special high-quality coating. A high portion of teflon helps to create an easy-to-clean surface from which conventional stickers can be removed without any problems. A good surface adhesion and weather resistance bring about an ideal protection against vandalism and corrosion. The colour tone is approx. RAL 7012.