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Heavy duty. Many demands are placed on planters in public spaces. They must offer plants enough soil and enough space for the growth of their roots; they must offer a certain degree of stability; they should be moveable when planted and adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces; it should also be possible to fix newly planted trees in them. Planters should have the option of being connected to a water tank with sufficient capacity so as to reduce the need for manual watering … We have gone to great lengths to address all of these demands.

“il conico” is made from high quality granite polymers. This material is composed of 85% granite gravel and 15% polyester resine. This is a high density composite. Even at a minimum thickness it provides a maximum of stability, saving both raw material and weight. Granite polymer is weather and UV resistant. It is also resistant to acids such as acid rain and dog urine. The surface is lightly sandblasted, giving “il conico” it’s authentic granite look. Dirt can be easily removed with steam- or sandblasting.

”il conico” is available in 2 sizes. The volume of the smaller version is 0,7 m3. It is designed to accomodate ground covers and plants up to a height of 2 m. The large planter has a volume of 1.4 m3 and is made for small trees up to a height of 4 m.

A sturdy steel holder protects the planter and provides a number of other useful functions. The planters rim is protected by a large metal ring. The holder comes with 4 o-rings which by means of strings can be used to support newly planted trees. Legs made of tubular steel rods make it possible to transport the planter with a fork-lift. The holder can also be securely fastened to the ground. In case of uneven surfaces the legs can be adjusted to level the planter. All metal parts are made of hot galvanised steel and covered with a special teflon
coating. The colour tone is approx. RAL 7012.

The planter is available in a middle grey granite colour.

An optional water-tank is also available. Additional information are available upon request.