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Coffin Lounge
Coffin Lounge
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Coffin Lounge is a seating element that can be combined in a variety of ways like building blocks. With just two modules, you can create a long, linear shape or an angular seating nook. The more elements used together, the more varied the design possibilities. Coffin Lounge consists of a 6 mm thick polyethylene shell that is filled with polyurethane foam. Comparable to a surfboard, this produces a massive and at 35 kg still a light body, which has outstanding thermal properties. Even on cold days, its surface feels pleasantly warm. The polyethylene in the hull is UV-stabilised. Depending on the location where it is used, small colour changes due to weathering are possible across years of use. When planning and setting up your outdoor areas, you should consider that Coffin Lounge is a furniture element made of plastic. At the end of the product life cycle, a thermal recycling of both plastics is possible without producing harmful emissions. There are five colours to choose from. A hot-galvanised steel frame forms the base of the module and allows mounting on the subsurface.