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Big Bux
Big Bux
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Big Bux is a seat with a very decorative character. It allows you to place accents with just a small financial investment. Its leafy look borrows from the shape of a boxwood. If you place two objects next to one another, the leaves of one seem to become one with the surfaces of the other object. This creates a little hedge from a single boxwood. A nice effect results if Big Bux is mounted over a floodlight. Inside out - thanks to the lighting, the inside becomes visible at night, the part that is in the shadows during the day. By contrast, the outside, which gives the object its colour during the day, retreats into the shadows. In addition, the light throws the shadows of the leaves on surrounding walls and creates beautiful effects. Big Bux is made of 3 mm sheet steel. The individual surfaces with the leaf pattern are cut with a laser and then welded carefully. To protect against corrosion, the objects are hot-galvanised and then chromated. Zinc edges are removed with great care. Big Bux gets its high-quality look from a special very weather-resistant and UV-stable powder coating, whose surface has a slight metallic structure. There are six colours to choose from.