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Matisse Classic Sofa
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From the general to the particular. To start with, you should view Matisse from a certain distance, if you are to become aware with its identity. The clear sign, formal understanding and Rodolfo Dordoni’s rigorous design stand out. In one word, the emphasis is on its character: it can immediately communicate real values, notably comfort, through the feather upholstery of the seat cushion and the ergonomic angle, for total back support. Indeed Matisse relies on balance and comfort to change. It is available in both a “Classic” and a “Modern” version. The latter takes on the latest-generation forms, “Moka” Wood Feet and “Natural” Wood Feet. The variations are small; yet the effect is great; you can judge for yourself. The “Classic” version looks more decorative or, in other words, it does not look as minimal. Otherwise, it all depends on the foot, a lesson which is well known to the fashion world. You change the foot, and the aesthetic layout of everything - including the sofa in its entirety - will also change. “Moka” indulges in warmth; “Natural” provides a Scandinavian flavour; “Modern” vibrates with metal echoes; whereas the black-nickel finish of “Classic” is evocative of bourgeois taste. The geographic world Matisse fits in gives the final touch. Yes, because Minotti and its carpets, poufs, coffee tables and textiles are synonymous with changeable worlds. Whatever the world, Matisse will feel at ease.