Product description

Foam technology at the service of chair design impeccably combines aesthetic charm and amazing comfort.
The enveloping backrest has a heat-molded structural polyurethane outer shell combined with a high-density flexible molded polyurethane layer.
The slender turned legs come in solid Sucupira with stained Mink finish and solid ash with open pore moka lacquered finish.
In addition to the Creed “Lounge” small armchair, whose height was specifically designed as a perfect fit for the Lounge tables, there is also a Creed “Dining” chair, whose height is perfect for pairing with all the tables in the collection.

Structure: metal seat coated in fireproof polyurethane foam with suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing. Backrest in structural polyurethane (Baydur® 60), coated in flexible fireproof polyurethane foam.
Backrest and seat casing in breathable heat-bonded fireproof fiber.

Covers: fabric or leather covers can be removed by removing the wood frame.

Legs: solid ashwood with open pore Moka lacquered finish or solid Sucupira wood with stained Mink finish.
Protective felt glides.

Product family


The collection of Creed seating elements comes with a full-blown personality and was developed to establish a lively, meaningful conversation with the many accessories from the 2016 Collection, especially when paired with the Bellagio “Lounge” tables to create innovative and unique living spaces.
The Creed family comprises numerous chairs, each of which was specifically designed for a particular setting, in terms of both use and style. The carefully-engineered proportions of the elements in the Creed series allow these products to be seamlessly integrated into residential and hospitality settings, like lounge areas, waiting rooms, corporate offices and boutiques.