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Maxima Prima B-4000
Maxima | Jolly Pack
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Adjustable railing system.
Optional LED supports.

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Jolly pax maxima it’s a line of profiles for glass railings and canopy, developed by Metalglas for the outdoor with the objective to make more simpler and practical the mounting system. Based on an innovative retainer system Maxima guarantees not only a reduction of potential break point but also more safety on the installation phase. Moreover, the structure’s profile is more resistant thanks to a continuous and reliable support that increase the total grip.


– A patented system exceeding all palliative solutions
JOLLY PACK is an articulated mechanical system, designed to be easily adjustable and therefore adaptable to the tilt angle of the two sides of the glass panel. The adhesion of the wedge to the surface of the glass is always total and perfect, and therefore guarantees totally safe clamping and a high quality finish.

– The “Jolly Pack” clamp installed only ononesideallowsfor rapidlaying which is second to none, and the operator can perform the adjustments internally. The system enables the glass to lie on a continuous profile towards the thrust side which guarantees the highest stability.

– Complete and flexible clamping
In general the elements of wedge fastening of traditional railing systems are only efficient with glass panels in a vertical position, always very difficult to obtain.
JOLLY PACK however fits perfectly both to the surface of the aluminium profile, as well as to the glass surface, while maintaining its grip, whatever the inclination of the panel and developing, with the same dimensions, a clamping force significantly superior to all other systems.

– Micrometric adjustments
The misalignment of the glass panels is inevitable, especially on installations of a certain length with a resulting unattractive effect that is also very obvious. With JOLLY PACK systems, the smallest misalignment can be adjusted, by suitably moving the wedges of the mechanical package.