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Harbour Dining Chair | Swivel Base
Harbour Collection
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Product description

Product Type Chair
Materials Shell: 85% Polypropylene, 15% Glass Fiber
Base: Casted and Extruded Aluminum
Casters for Powder Coated Base: PA6, PUR
Casters for Steel Base: Aluminum, PA6, PUR
Dimensions (cm / in) Swivel Base
H: 82 cm / 32,3"
SH: 45 cm / 17,7"
D: 55,7 cm / 22"
W: 58,5 cm / 23"
Swivel Base with Casters
H: 82 cm / 32,3"
SH: 45 cm / 17,7"
D: 55,7 cm / 22"
W: 58,5 cm / 23"
Colours Base:
Light Grey
Polished Aluminum
According to Upholstery
Shell without Upholstery:
Burned Red
Light Grey

Product variants

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Clean lines. Tactile materials. Supreme comfort. Our Harbour Collection was conceived with all of these in mind. When a design concept is boiled down to the essentials of comfort, utility and aesthetics, it becomes foundational. From this foundation, it shape-shifts endlessly, adapting its form and function to various needs – while remaining true to its identity. Such is the story of the evolution of the Harbour Collection. The result is an infinitely versatile and accommodating collection of chairs and tables for modern spaces.

Striking the perfect balance between geometric and organic shapes, the contoured curves of the collection’s seating offers maximum support, enveloping the body in its slender shell. Offered in a range of shapes, materials and finishes, allowing for total customisation. The shell comes in a selection of colours, with or without upholstery and with or without armrests, and the base comes in three solid oak versions and two powder coated steel variants as well as with the option of a star base. Offering the type of sitting experience that energises you in the morning, helps you plug in during the day and invites you to unwind in the evening, the Harbour Chair effortlessly conforms to any setting, becoming instantly at home in a kitchen or office, private dining room or bustling café – and making sure you feel the same. Likewise, the Harbour Lounge Chair is offered with a solid wood frame and moulded foam shell for superior seating comfort.

The tables in the collection continue the elegant minimalism and ergonomic, comfort-driven experience. Responding to the demands of both private and public spaces, the tables have the unique ability to stand out while blending in, working in harmony with surroundings of all styles. Simple, yet sophisticated tabletops in a range of natural materials including marble, linoleum and oak veneer are perched on clover-shaped column frames with a flat steel base or star-shaped bases that give the modern design a classic, exclusive feel. The Harbour Column Table, available with both round and rectangular tabletops and in four heights, has demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet every functional demand, while also pleasing the senses with its balanced, slim silhouette and smooth, rich texture. The addition to the collection of a star-shaped base brings a new, lighter expression to the classic design as well as more options for customisation. And the Harbour Lounge Table conveys the same sense of bold elegance with its star-shaped base and Ø80 tabletop in a range of natural materials.