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Androgyne Side Table | Marble top
Androgyne Collection
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Category: Table Top
Materials: Black Marquina Marble or Beige Crystal Rose Marble, Silicone
Colour: Black, Ivory
Volume: 0,004
H: 1,8 cm, Ø 42 cm

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Distinguished by its playful, yet elegant silhouette, Androgyne was first designed as a side table for the café in our former showroom, but quickly went into production for a larger audience. The invention of the Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud, its blend of the masculine and feminine — true androgyny — is what lends the collection its name.

Androgyne’s proportions and mixed materials afford a sense of harmony. The essence of the tables is their duality; elegant, yet powerful; masculine, yet feminine. Useful for everything from small restaurant spaces and private dining rooms to exhibition spaces, their sculptural forms add an artistic silhouette to any room.

The collection has been expanded to include a Lounge table and dining table. A celebration of natural materials and honouring the age-old tradition of furniture craftsmanship, the shine of honed marble against matte powder coated steel results in a versatile visual identity that is both modernist and industrial. The use of rich, warm oak on the collection’s dining table makes an elegant and intriguing pairing with both classic and contemporary interiors, aging gracefully over time. The introduction of Kunis Breccia stone, an artistic blend of different stones in warm tones, creates subtle texture and adds a new dimension to the collection with its refined, solid expression.