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tube+panel Outdoor signs
tube+panel Exterior signage
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Outdoor signs are the business cards of an establishment. Durable materials and surfaces guarantee lasting looks and quality. Guidance systems for trade fair grounds, hospitals, garden shows, hotels and signposts for companies in line with their CI start in the outside area.

The diversity of solutions offered by the »tube + panel« system extends from the small carpark sign to the big signpost with illumination, for which a comprehensive system section range is available.

The »tube + panel« principle offers planners and designers a made-to-measure solution also with high-grade steel pipes and glass surfaces without disturbing attachments.

The quality of the external elements is able to cope permanently with the weather. The surface meets the high demands of a vehicle paintwork. The sections and the surfaces are made of aluminium with connection elements made of stainless steel.

The multi-directional sign takes over the function of a compass needle. It can point in eight different directions. The high-quality finish of the guide means it can be used in representative areas. For less demanding tasks, simpler guides can be used which only show one or a maximum of two directions.

The section connecting technique enables both visible surfaces to be inscribed without disturbing attachment elements and screws.

As an alternative to pointed arrows, blunt panels are also possible in individual shapes. For the selection of the appropriate construction, we recommend our consultation on site.