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Tukki chair is an universal stacking armchair with classical composition for many surroundings and needs.

Dimensions: 615×510×750×435mm
Material: Walnut

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The heritage of many of the woodworking techniques used by Japanese carpenters originates from Japanese shipwrights.
Inherent in its position as an island nation, it is unsurprising that the maritime industry has been a driving force behind the innovation of wood construction for centuries. The Nadia series has been developed by focusing on a particular method, known as 'kumiki', which uses interlocking construction techniques.
The result is a series of contemporary furniture that harmonizes the design aspects with the high level 'kumiki' structure, as well as giving an affectionate nod towards the wooden vessels of times gone by.

The Nadia series is characterized by its interlocking wooden construction.

Each of the wooden parts the chair is assembled from are made with curves that precisely fit the overall structure, giving the impression of lightness and creating a sense of stability while sitting.
Its simple silhouette and distinctive shell make it suitable for a wide variety of scenes from home to office.

Lounge Chair:
The shell's expansive curves envelope the body of the lounge chair, giving it a dramatic look.
A light appearance is achieved by the large shell, which traces the chair's body and is made of the fewest possible wooden parts.
Its simple silhouette and distinctive shell make it suitable for a wide variety of scenes from home to office.

Dining Table:
The simple and light impression given by the dining table does not overwhelm, and the distinctive Nadia interlocking wooden construction under the tabletop makes it a stand-out item.

Coat Stand:
Constructed from wooden poles of the same diameter, the coat stand has a neat look in addition to an expansive impression reminiscent of forest trees.
Its ease of use goes without question, and it can serve as the focal point of a room.

Side Table:
A lineup of two different side tables, one rectangular and one circular, works in diverse interior scenes.
The underside of the thin tabletop is accented by a firm, interlocking frame.