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Five Stool WN
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Dimensions: 420×420×320mm
Material: Walnut

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We live in a world of five elements which we experience through our five senses.
Five is gently odd. Five is not too many. Five is beautiful.
A five-sided figure is called a pentagon.
We developed a shape that combines a circle with a pentagon.
The chair, the table and the other members of the Five family all share this iconic shape.
Uncompromisingly made in solid wood, by the best Japanese craftsmen.

The combination of the pentagon and circle is the motif of the Five series.

With an unconstrained impression, the armchair shows the subtlety and precision of the artisans' skills in the decorative dips in its seat and arms.
Sitting on the pentagonal seat gives a feeling of expansiveness and relaxation. Its distinct silhouette and simple design allow it to blend into a wide variety of scenes.

The pentagon-shaped tabletop is the optimal form even with five people gathered, and it is easy to imagine the table placed in a living room or dining room.
The underside of the tabletop has an expression that radiates a soft impression, which makes the dining table fit in a wide array of scenes.

The stool's pentagonal shape and five legs add a playful feel to any space.
The soft expression of the seat creates a gentle mood that certainly blends in at home as well as the office and a wide range of scenes.