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Modular structure with drawers made with panels of natural anodized aluminium. This system is composed of units containing 2.3 or 4 compartments for drawers provided with a whole front with a groove for opening at the bottom. At the back of the bottoms of each storage unit there is a space to let 4.5 cm large wires in all-length plus a counterweight which avoids overturning with an open drawer. Storage units are stackable by using in between a 2.5 cm high spacer recessed by 2.5 cm compared to the unit and by 7 cm at the back. The 8 cm or 2.5 cm high ground-resting plinth, recessed by 7 cm compared to the unit, is provided with adjustment feet. We recommend a 2.5 cm plinth if to use as a coffee table. In case the units are positioned next to the backs, a shim element of the required size will be supplied.This must be requested on the order. Besides being stackable, the units can be modular in depth also. In this case shim elements are provided in order to fill the gap between the plinths.

• Storage unit:
Height 20.5 cm
Lengths: 100 cm two drawers, 150 cm two drawers, 200 cm three drawers, 250 cm four drawers
Depth 70 cm
The 100 cm large unit contains two drawers (for 60.4 and 34.6 cm large compartments). The 150 cm large unit contains two drawers (for 72.5 cm large compartments). The 200 cm large unit contains three drawers (for 64.4 cm large compartments). The 250 cm large unit contains four drawers (for 60.4 cm large compartments). Internal drawers must be chosen among the following 5 types: non-equipped, equipped with CD rack, with video tapes/DVD rack, with video tape recorder/DVD rack and with decoder/DVD plus remote controls rack. Cutlery rack for drawers for compartments of 60.4, 64.4 and 72.5 cm is available. Drawers, with the exception of CD drawers, are always equipped with closing- shock absorber “Motion”.
• Spacer: Height 2.5 cm. Recessed by 2.5 cm compared to the unit at the three sides and by 7 cm at the back side.
• Shim element for modular spacers: Height 2.5 cm, length 5 cm, depth 56 cm.
• Shim element for modular plinths: Height 7.5 cm, length 14 cm, depth 56 cm.
• Plinth: 8 cm high, recessed by 7 cm at the four sides, with adjustment feet.