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Lim 3.0 Table
Lim 3.0 table
MDF Italia
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Tables-Dining tables
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Conference/Meeting-Meeting room tables
Tables-Dining tables
Conference/Meeting-Conference tables
Conference/Meeting-Meeting room tables

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The new Lim 3.0 originates from the restyling carried out by Bruno Fattorini & Partners studio on one of the MDF Italia collection best sellers, i.e. the Lim table family. The purpose was to get a more essential and lighter table; the result has been achieved both thanks to technological research applied to the top that has enabled to overcome the dimensional limits of the previous collection proposing 300 cm long tops, and intervening on the structure, lightening and further reducing the top’s and legs’ section from 45 to 35 mm. The thin structure, the embedded top and the new sophisticated finishes proposed for the new surfaces (today used in architecture only) make LIM 3.0 a versatile, chameleon and cross collection for various end-uses both for the domestic and contract field.

Table composed of top, legs and perimeter frame in extruded aluminium, available in natural anodised or epoxy powder lacquered version in white and graphite grey shades. The top is a composite panel made of a central support in aluminium sections with resin-coated honeycomb filling and two layers, still in aluminium; such a technological innovation makes sure the top reaches important sizes keeping a perfect flatness, accompanied by a considerable lightness.

Tops are built-into the frame and need no fittings.

Available in:
• Lacquered tempered glass
made of lacquered tempered glass in white, black, dark red, blue, orange and yellow shades. Thickness 8 mm.
• Ceramic made of porcelainized grès in the bright or satin-coated variant in the following shades: white, black, medium grey and anthracite grey, as well as the special natural satin-coated Corten version. Thickness: 6 mm. Top quality ceramics resulting from a cutting-edge technology with all due respect for nature. Material composed of an accurate selection of the best raw materials, atomized quartz, feldspar, clay and noble kaolin mixture, pressed at 600 kg/cm2 and sintered at a temperature of 1300°C. The final plates are defined “full body” and their veins on the surface in their infinite shades, cross the plates’ whole thickness to recur in the back. Ceramic’s technical features are: resistant to chemicals and staining agents - non absorbent to water, detergents and acids - high resistance to loads and abrasion - extreme surface hardness - non-flammable - stress-resistant if heated by flames - frostproof, it does not emit any toxic substances
• Fenix
innovative high-pressure stratified laminate available in the matt variant in the following colours: white, black, medium grey, turtledove, dark red, yellow and orange. Thickness 8 mm. Technical features of the material are: High resistance to scratch - abrasion and heat - soft touch - thermal healing of micro-scratches - enhanced anti-bacterial property - mould-resistant - hydro-repellent - high resistance to stains, acid solvents and household reagents - antistatic - anti-fingerprint.
• Essenza
Multi-layered decorative wood, composed of fine wood veneers such as ayous, poplar and lime. The special manufacturing process allows to enhance the wood’s typical features through creative and customized aesthetic figures. Environmentally-friendly and wholly made of woods coming from sustainably managed plantations and forests. Thickness8 mm.

Rectangular tables are available in 18 size options and square tables in 4 size options.
Heights 72 and 75 cm.
The maximum measures contained in the price list represent the limits of use of the materials employed for the development of built-in tops.
A low version is available, height 30 cm, for the following size variations: L100, P100, L120 P120 and L120 P80 cm.

Tables are also available in the version equipped with 1 or 2 openings for cable access and an undertop cable tray. The opening for cable is made of anodised aluminium or lacquered in white and graphite grey (in the same colour of the structure) in the size 350 or 420mm. The undertop tray is in folded sheet and painted in the same colour of the structure. The cable connection from ground to top has been equipped with a steel spring to be put into the special holes positioned in the lower part of the under top tray.