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Inmotion Cupboard
MDF Italia
Neuland Paster & Geldmacher
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A new typology of storage units that represents a 3D innovation making a visual and functional use of the side section as well as the front one. Usually, the storage unit side view is never considered in terms of utilization, but for juxtaposition.
The system consists either of column units, base units, stackable or hanging units.
Featuring large-sized compartments, divided in a functional way to receive and organise everyday objects, books, magazines or electronic equipment.
The system’s flexibility is considerable: swivel modules, with drawers or large drawers, with flap opening door, stackable modular units or modular units to be flanked, free-standing or wall-mounted.
The elements can be highly customised: the open compartments as well as the rotary units may feature different materials and/or colours and can be newly varied by the customer even after their purchase.

All units are made of medium-density wood fibreboard (1.6 cm thick), divided into two main categories: vertical elements and horizontal elements.

Vertical elements:
- column storage units 185.5/188 cm tall with doors, 48 cm deep in the ground-resting version and 33 cm deep for the hanging version, available in the widths: 34, 45, 53 cm, matt lacquered white. Only the W34 and W53 cm modules have an open rotary storage unit, made of medium-density wood fibreboard, 8 mm thick or in natural wood. Column storage units with rotary units are reversible vertically.
- column with height 111 cm, with door, hanging unit with reduced depth of 33 cm, available in width of 34 cm, matt lacquered white or elegant open pore matt black ash finish. Two variants: with single door and with open compartment.
Open compartment are made of medium-density wood fibreboard, thickness 8 mm or in natural wood. Column units with open compartment are vertically reversible.

Horizontal elements:
- ground-resting base units, 34.5 cm high inclusive a 2.5 cm plinth and adjustable feet; available in the widths 53, 85, and 144 cm. These elements are available in the version with drawer, open compartment and drawer or open compartment with downward flap door;
- low hanging wall units, 32 cm high, widths 53, 85, and 144 cm. These elements are available in the version with downward flap door, open compartment with drawer, open compartment with downward flap door or with 2 drawers;
- cupboards – height 98 cm, width 85 cm, in the versions 3 drawers and tray ; height 66 cm in widths 85 and 144 cm, in the version with 2 drawers; all models with a 2.5 cm plinth and adjustable small feet;
- sideboard available in the lengths 160 and 203 cm, in the version with downward flap door and tray: two versions of steel lacquered stand, bridge and frame, for a total height of 50 and 66 cm and adjustable feet. Sideboard elements have a support stand that always matches the colour of the structure, matt graphite or white.

All above mentioned elements have a depth of 48 cm.

Electrified units
The base units with W144, as well as the wall units W144, and the sideboard elements with W160 and W203 are available also in version arranged for cable management, with a white-painted or matt graphite black painted aluminium door on the top of the storage unit.

The elements are in matt lacquered white and open pore matt black ash available; the latter finish is available on the whole range except for the ground-resting columns and wall mounted columns 185.5 cm and for the wall mounted elements with configuration drawer + drawer.
Open compartments and rotary elements are available in the following finishes:
- matt lacquered white, green, orange, avio blue, sand, dark red, mustard yellow and anthracite grey
- natural wood, natural grey wood and natural black wood.