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This seating system designed by Cazzaniga and Munteanu gets its inspiration from nature, namely from an atoll.
Bora Bora is a domestic atoll which, as in nature, isolates an inner space from the rest creating an independent area with its own focus.

A modular seating system which offers various configurations for the living space.
The peculiar design in the backrest allows variability in depth.
This system provides corner and U-shaped configurations of high functionality.

The frame of the sofa is in solid wood, suspension with elastic belts covered with indeformable variable-density polyether. The sofa rests on cylindrical small feet in steel, finish: chromium plated, or in black or white lacquered.
The upholstery covers every part of the sofa and its completely removable.

Dims. 210, 2490, 270, 300 cm.
Depth 90 cm.