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The KUBE seating system, consists of padded seating on bars fixed to the ground. A variety of different seating plans are available, making them suitable for conference halls, auditoriums, theatres and cinemas. The system has been specifically designed, taking into account the impact of the seating aspect in the above settings. Its modern and minimalist styling, reproduces a ''mural'' effect, which harmonizes with the specific setting. As a whole the seating plan appears as a large parallelepiped form suspended from the ground, in which the back, seat and arms of the chair are all perfectly integrated. The arm becomes visible and ready for practical use on the rotation of the seat. In order to ensure the greatest possible comfort various inclinations between the seat and the back are possible, thereby making them ideal for use in a variety of settings (such as conference halls and film projection rooms). The floor fixture feet can also be regulated. The seating can even be mounted on flooring that is inclined or on tiered level. All the seat and arm inclination elements are fitted with silenced nylon bearings and the bar fixed elements can be easily replaced. The system is also equipped for cable passage, the insertion of simultaneous translation equipment and voting equipment. There is also a version available with rear integrated table section integrated on the back and arm with folding table, not to mention a host of other accessories such as bag-magazine holder and coat hanger. The system fully complies with current legislation and meet the necessary standards as concerns : fire-protection, acoustic and safety levels, resistance and ergonomic standards. They are upholstered in either fabric or leather while the rear part of the back may be in either painted steel or wooden panelling. The legs are finished with high-resistance powder paints. The end of each row can also be provided with illuminated numbering and each chair back has a place indicator. The system features the use of 2, 3, 4 and 5 seat bars. While the curved seating plan is provided with a support leg for each seat.