Product description

The GRAND PAPILLON DUO is a very classy wall sconces and offers multifunctional light effects: diffuse light from the glass or an upward / downward reflection with multiple rays of light. As the doubled version of the GRAND PAPILLON wall applique these lights emit massive light for bigger spaces.

Ideal for hotel lobbies or entrance areas, bathrooms, staircases, hallways, mirror lightings, home cinemas or as dining room appliques.

The lights emit a reflection of light on the rear side of the glass and casts fanned-out beams onto the wall, the edge of the glass can be polished upon request to create a homogeneous light surface.

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Majestic wall lights with diffuse and indirect light. See the magic touch of the bubbles and be inspired by the rays of light - mounted up- or downwards
These multifunctional wall lights offer two different light effects: diffuse light from the glass and an upward or downward reflection with multiple rays of light. Optional with a honogenious light arc. Especially well suited for bathrooms, mirror lighting, in hallways, in home cinemas or as a dining room appliques.

The lights can be installed with the glass facing upwards, downwards or to the side. Actually only available with white "quarz" glass.
We are pleased to support you as client, interior designer, lighting designer or architect to develop your lighting installation.

Power supply or dimmers can be supplied in: 1-10V, DALI, PWM or analogue-technology. Power supply and dimmer to be installed external, we deliver only SELV-conform power supplies. Can be delivered with integrated power supply IP 20, dimmable with leading edge dimmer - Controller / switch to be provided by client.