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Grand Cru Canopy
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Product description

Ceiling fixtures with canopie permit magical light installations due to individual and irregularly distributable CRU pendant lights. The lengths of the pendants can be individually adjusted during assembly, so each installation becomes a new creation. All PETIT CRU or GRAND CRU pendant lights can be combined freely.
Particularly well suited for entrance and reception areas, bathrooms, stairways, waiting areas, dining tables or conference environments.
The canopy serves to accommodate the electronics and electrical distribution. With a diameter of more than 770 mm, the canopy must be manufactured in two halves if the surface is to be nickel-plated.
Each canopy can be used individually for a different number of pendula.
The pendula should be distributed in such a way that the pendulum cables are about 15-25 cm apart.
Tensile cable with tin-plated wires 4.0 mm outer diameter, lengths on demand, ceiling heights of up to 20 meters possible. The pendant light can be flexibly and individually adjusted via precisely adjustable cable lengths during on-site assembly.
Material thickness of the aluminium canopy: 3 mm.
All values are in millimeter and approximate values.
We are happy to advise you on individual ceiling fixtures, specific shapes, differing sizes or detailed solutions.

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