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Love Affair #112 | Acoustic images | Art | Photography | Art pictures
Love Affair
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Product description

Acoustic images, Art, Photography, limited and numbered edition of 50

Improvement in sound insulation
Reduction of reverb & reverberation
Noise reduction (sound pressure)
Improvement of the room acoustics
Creating a pleasant room sound

• First class absorption values (class A)
• A single raw panel contains 288 recycled PET bottles
• Fire class B1 (DIN 4102-1 flame-retardant)
• Allergy friendly
• 100% recyclable
• The raw material used complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Element thickness: 25 mm Weight per unit area: 4.0 Kg/m²

Made in Switzerland with high resolution and latest printers
Printing with transport protection at the edges.

Standard formats:
75 x 100 cm / 120 x 160 cm / 150 x 200 cm

Product variants


Acoustic images / sound absorbers



Limited and numbered edition

The acoustic images in the "Love Affair" series are photographs taken with a smartphone camera and enlarged unprocessed to the appropriate format.

Photographic concept:
Markus Schaub's photo series started in 2017 and all pictures were taken with his iPhone 6. The subjects are enlarged to the respective format according to the 4:3 image ratio of the smartphone, unedited. "For me, the smartphone camera is like a brush that I can use as a simple instrument. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the motifs and not to be dependent on elaborate photographic technology". The pictures taken show mirrored rooms, landscapes and atmospheric pictorial content, which, through their poetic play of colours and forms, allow a diverse reading.

Markus Schaub says the following about the concept: "Using a smartphone to find images that are only available for a short time, for example when I am very close to an object or take a photo through something, is a joyful discovery of the otherwise invisible. In addition, the images are in deliberate contrast to the selfie shots otherwise taken with smartphone cameras, which are produced in dizzying numbers every day all over the world". Markus Schaub calls the pictures a hybrid of photography and painting, which is why he chose the term photopaintings for the series. Since all works tell their own but not conclusive atmospheric and poetic story, they are also suitable as a combination of several pictures that interact with each other.

The Artedition of PHOTOPAINTINGS "Love Affair" is an exclusive selection with a limited edition of 50 copies. All works are numbered and signed.