Key facts

Product description

The markilux 930 swing adapts ideally to all conditions. It is small, delicate and elegant – and especially suited for installation under overhanging roofs, where additional protection of cover and mechanics is not required. An intelligent pivoting mechanism lends it a particularly compact and flat appearance when closed. While being extended, the awning remains horizontal and then pivots into the individually pre-set pitch. The windlock mechanism prevents the awning from flipping up in windy conditions.

Product family


Directing the sun. Setting light. Fading out rain. Awnings by markilux create: they open new space. And they accompany through the seasons. Materials are of highest quality and offer a broad variety of use; they are extremely weather resistant, robust, versatile. Just the best quality – homemade by markilux. Intelligent features extend all functions. The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled by specialist partners. Those who own a markilux will always enjoy it: life outside in totally new dimensions.