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The new organizer is the classy all-purpose portfolio for your papers – from work notes to drawing paper. With the help of the elaborate clip system loose or non-perforated sheets of paper are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, the premium leather binding, which is of the usual MANUFAKTURPLUS quality, makes an excellent impression in every situation.

Sizes: DIN A4 or DIN A5
Colors: black, creme-colored, orange, coffee, white, bordeaux

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Organic Buffalo Organizer

Aesthetics in everyday life: The organizers made of organic buffalo leather by MANUFAKTURPLUS and their usage make a statement in regards of style and sustainability. Their reduced design focuses on useful functions which they pass with flying color due to their multifunctionality. In addition to their exclusive look the organizers offer a very pleasant feel to the surface which is a characteristic of products made of organic buffalo leather. The leather remains open-pored and breathable because it is not sealed. Usage creates an individual patina over time which turns the organizer into a very unique item. Furthermore, the leather used for the organizers tells an individual story:

Organic buffalo leather is a special rarity which we have not only disvovered for our classics like the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR and the LOUNGER M1. The leather derives from water buffalos which are raised in Germany and live in herds out in the open almost all year according to organic standards. As defined by the “Cradle-to-Cradle“ principle we complete the value chain together with our breeders and use the leather for the centerpiece of our production: the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR. Of course we do not use unnecessary chemical substances and the premium material is purely vegetable tanned combined with natural colors. This way it remains compostable and can reenter the circle of life after its usage period. Aside from the organizers we also produce bags and shoes for example because this material has convinced us in every way.
Handwritten notes and uncomplicated usage have not lost their significance in the digital world either. Cognitive processing of information that we write down by hand is more efficient – and especially during important personal conversations social etiquette demands work efficiency in “offline“ mode. The organizer made of sustainable organic buffalo leather is perfect for this purpose. It helps you to appear well-organized with a good sense of style.

The organizer is available in two versions so that you can find your right companion.

“By owning one of our organizers made of organic buffalo leather timeless design, German handcraft and real sustainability accompanies you in everyday life.“