Product description

The new product of the Manooi collection design by János Héder gets his name from the optical phenomenon that one can sometimes observe in the sky, forming a circle encompassing the Sun or occasionally the Moon. It forms as the sunlight is refracted in millions of randomly oriented hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. With his years of experience as an interior designer, János knows the difficulties one encounter when designing an interior and so always creates his design with the perspective to solving those problems. János designed Halo with the intention to keep an apparent insubstantiality by using a minimum of material without ever compromising the quality and the effect rendered. The Manooi Halo combines modern, high-quality LED as light source, directed outwards along the lamp curve, and the most luxurious crystal brand- Swarovski.

"Halo 40 " L 40 x W 40 x H 3
"Halo 54 " L 54 x W 54 x H 3
"Halo 80 " L 80 x W 80 x H 3