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Product description

The Scopi Seat is designed with the slogan “never alone” in mind. It is ideal for socializing and gatherings at public meeting places. It has a playful and humorous expression, Scopi paves the way for playing and learning, you can, for example, arrange Scopi as an H2O molecule with one Scoop and two Scopis or other molecular chains such as methane and ammonia. Or as chromosomes. Or can be placed in continuously molecular structures. Scopi should be placed together with one or more Scopis and/or with a Scoop Planter/ Scoop Light.

A Scopi Button in the middle of a Scopi is made from granulated rubber that makes it comfortable and pleasant to sit on. The Scopi Button MUST be fastened to the supplied bracket. From time to time you can use a Scopi Table Top instead of a Scopi Button, so you have a place to eat your food, have a drink or play a game. For closing some of the molecular chains of Scopis you can use Scopi Table that serves as a small table. It is placed between two Scopis.

The outer part of Scopi Seat is made from rotational molded polyethylene (plastic). The plastic is UV-resistant and withstands all weather from -30 to +50 Celsius (not above 60) (Fahrenheit -22 to +122 (not above +140).

Scopi Button - the middle part where you primarily sit - is made of granulated rubber that is water permeable and very durable. Both materials can be reused; granulated again and recycled.

The Scopi Seat weighs approx. 6.5 kg (14,3 lbs.). It measures 73 cm (28,74 inches) in diameter and 40 cm (15,75 inches) in height, when Scopi Button is mounted.

Scopi Button weighs 4.5 kg (9,9 lbs.) and measures 35 cm (13,78 inches) in diameter.

Scopi Seat weight in all with bracket and Scopi Button: Approx. 13 kg

When buying a Scopi, a Scopi Button is included, as well as a bracket to fasten the Scopi to the surface and to attach the Scopi Button to the Scopi. Whether you need to fasten the Scopi or it will just stand without being fastened, the Scopi Button MUST be fastened to the bracket.

The Scoop Family is a robust series that is well-suited to being used and require very little maintenance. If necessary, clean the Scopi Seat with soap and water or/and with “rubber and plastic cleaner” on any blemishes. They can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Scopi Button, as well as Scopi Table and Scopi Table Top, which are made from granulated rubber, are water permeable and durable, but all granulated rubber colours are affected by high temperatures and strong sunshine. Rubber products can be cleaned and the colours can be freshened up with a shampoo that is suitable for cleaning rubber.

Rubber products can be cleaned with a pressure washer, but carefully and with less pressure so the surface is not damaged or becomes frayed.

Product family


The Scoop Family series paves the way for spending time and social interaction in public spaces. The series consists of the Scopi Seat that is a new concept for seating furniture, as well as the Scoop Planter and as accessories, two different tables; Scopi Table and Scopi Table Top.

The soft and round shapes of the Scoop Family series mean they are very well-suited for parks or playgrounds. At a picnic area or a peaceful location, in large surroundings, like government offices or private workplaces. Here you can enjoy a little coffee break or plan the day. The seats and the planter can be arranged in many different molecular formations.