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Me Too Collection is a collection of furniture and objects for children, conceived to give them a happy and interesting life through objects thought and developed according to their needs. Mundoball is an object for indoor but also outdoor use. It is the ideal present for a one-year-old child: Mundoball is bigger than him. The baby has just started to walk and Mundoball exceeds him in height. The baby will embrace it when walking unsteadily.
The big ball is attractive, as it moves and rotates on itself: embracing it the baby will discover its irregular surface. It is all blue, but suddenly the baby will found out a red spot in front of his small nose. It is a fascinating object, which stimulates him to walk together. The two-years-old child will recognize the elephant and the panda and will be able to point at them imitating their cry. He will be able to tell you that blue is the colour of water and to
mention the different colours. Later on the ball won’t be anymore so big for him and kicking it the child will find out a new football game. When four-years-old his head will exceed the ball in height and he will know that the big white spot on the top is the North Pole….his father told him that. The ten-years-old child will give a kick to his ball before going to bed and suddenly he will make out Brazil after Australia has disappeared. The Himalaya mountains, where Tintin meets his friend Tchan, are really fascinating for him. He will look incessantly at New York, trying to image the skyscrapers, while stroking the
drawing of his own city he made with his mum’s help. When asking to this adult-grownchild where he comes from, he will surely answer: my town is the world, the Mundoball, the big ball. And each time he will travel to a different country he will feel as he already knew it, he won’t consider it a foreign place, because he was already there as a child when he stroke those beaches and seas on his Mundoball.