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Annett swivel chair
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Product description

Swivel chair with arms on 5 wheels Adjustable in height with gas piston.
Material: frame in steel tube chromed or painted in epoxy resin.
Seat in synthetic mesh (shape retaining) with surround in air-moulded polypropylene with glass fibre added.
Arms in self-skinning textured polyurethane.

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“The idea for Annett is based on the insight that the application of breathable elastic mesh, stretched to the correct tautness on a continuous frame, is a way to make a seat that forms a seamless whole with the backrest, an extremely comfortable kind of elastic shell. The shell is made up of an uninterrupted polypropylene frame and thin, highly resistant elastic fabric, stretched to perfection. It offers exceptional comfort for long hours of sitting, perfectly meeting the demands of the world of computer work. In particular, the mesh, available in meticulously coordinated colors, offers a remarkable ease and breathability, meaning that Annett can stand on an absolutely equal footing with upholstered seating. Annett is slim, breathable and elastic, with the additional merits of sinuosity and grace, which to no extent detract from the chair’s functionality and crisp rational precision”.
Francesco Binfaré