Product description



Suomi means Finland, where the technique to bend wood was created. This invention set the style and character of what is now known as Scandinavian Design. The Suomi lamp is made of 4 blocks of oak sheets, 2 cm thick, which are given a concave shape through the use of a mould. Each block is then laser cut to narrow it gradually from top to bottom. Finally the four blocks are glued together by using a super resistant adhesive paste. A fire retardant varnish is then applied to the entire piece. Four steel cables pass through the interior to avoid leaving visible screws on the exterior. In this way we achieve a compact, seamless model, without joints or any other type of assembly.

Material: oak plywood. Finish: natural varnish. Four steel suspension cable. Direct light.
78 x 60 x 60 cmsms (max cable 200 cms)
E-27 100W (Ha) or 32W (Flc)