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Sydney NB nickel brossé
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“A classical drop shape revisited and turned into the signature of timeless refinement”

Main features of the line:
. Levers available in nickel or gold
. Levers customizable with several types
of cap
. 3 sizes of panel: single 85 x 85 mm,
double 85 x 156 mm, triple 85 x 228 mm
.Vertical or horizontal use
. 11 available coatings

Available mechanisms:
.Two-way switch 10A
. Switch for motorised blinds
. Push-button for motorised blinds
For further functions please refer to products from our Paris line

The Push-Buttons are designed for automation use under ULV (Ultra Low Voltage). People in charge of set up will make sure that local insulation and installation standards are respected.

1. Approval VDE-NF EN 61058-1
2. Screw terminals for hard wires 1,5 or 2,5 mm2or for soft wires prepared-stripped-tinned, or for soft wires prepared-stripped-
end fitted. In conformity with norm EN 50027.
3. Max. Power Cut w/ Resistive load 10A 250Vca, 10,000 cycles lifetime
4. Initial Contact Resistance: 10mΩ max. under 1A 2Vcc
5. Insulation Resistance: 1000mΩ min. under 500Vcc
6. Silver/Nickel Contactor
7. Operating Temperature from -20° to +55°

New Sydney

5 sizes of panel:
single 85 x 85 mm,
double 85 x 156 mm,
triple 85 x 227 mm,
quad 85 x 298 mm,
quintuple 85 x 369 mm.
For vertical or horizontal use.

Levers & Functions:
• Standard levers available in the finish of your choice
• 4 shapes of lever (tube, water drop, cone, lily flower)
• Engraving
• LED (12V / 220V)
Available mechanisms:
• Two-way switch
• Push-button
• Push-button for motorized blinds or curtains
• Switch for motorized blinds or curtains
• Intermediate Switch