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Littbus Wood / Customised
Littbus Wood
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Product description

542 x 2044 mm
Doublesided. End panels in red alt. orange laminate. Shelves in powder coated sheet steel in white.

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Although originally designed for libraries, Littbus works equally well in offices, stores or homes. Economy, flexibility, function, well planned design and consideration for the environment have all played important roles in the design work. The shelving system's basic components are single- and double-sided wooden uprights, stabilised by unique, movable shelf units in lacquered steel. The same shelf design can be used for flat or slanted displays. The upright system allows unique changeovers from shallow to deep shelving or single to double shelf sets all connected together to create an attractive continuous whole.

Littbus end panels in wood
• solid alder or birch, 25 mm thick
• end panels in alder are untreated as standard
• end panels in alder can be vaxed, oiled or lacquered upon request
• end panels of birch are lacquered as standard
• depth of the end panels are 290, 374 and 542 mm
• height of end panels 1084, 1404, 1724 and 2044 mm

The height of the end panels does not include the feet which are 25 mm.