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Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling
Color Kinetics OneSpace
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Rethink the ceiling.
The ceiling becomes the light; the light becomes the ceiling.

Color Kinetics OneSpace liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design to achieve your uncluttered, minimalistic vision. It transforms any ceiling into a seamless, cohesive space with beautiful, homogeneous light. Use OneSpace to provide the feeling of natural daylight, creating a serene and calm space. OneSpace is an innovative lighting panel that delivers uniform light distribution for an enhanced daylight experience. The integration of LED lights with high-quality textile completely hides the source of light and improves room acoustics with sound-absorbing materials. A versatile solution, OneSpace is dimmable and available in 3000 K and 4000 K versions, as well as a tunable white version ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K, so you can tailor the light precisely to your needs. You can also select the edge color of the panels in either black or white, as well as different mounting accessories.

OneSpace Prefab is delivered in compact modular panels range in dimensions from 900 X 900 mm (3 X 4 ft) to 1,800 X 3,000 mm (6 X 10 ft) and are delivered ready to mount on site.

OneSpace Luminous Ceiling is delivered in a wide range of sizes, from 900 X 3300 mm (3 X 10 ft) to 3000 X 9900 mm (10 X 33 ft), in pre-assembled, ready-to-mount modules, which minimizes the time needed for building and installing panels on site.