Product description

Arm - structural alumium, head and neck - die-cast aluminium.

Aluminium or painted glossy black or white.

Length 170,4 cm

Product variants


In 1981 Luceplan won the Compasso d'Oro Award for D7’s powerful conceptual and design contents. Today the Firm proposes this historical lamp once again, twenty-five years after its launch. D7's innovative product type and technology comprises a long tilting arm designed to be placed in any position to focus light wherever it is required. Light and perfectly balanced, it makes the most of the entire light beam to offer a dual lighting choice: upwards for indirect light and downwards for light focused on the work surface. A sophisticated articulated joint comprising a steel bearing coupled with a pneumatic shock absorber (gas spring) ensures well balanced movements.

Light intensity can be adjusted by a dimmer placed at hand's reach near the diffuser.The mounting bracket allows to install the lamp on the ceiling or the wall even where there is no light outlet at the ideal height.