Product description

head Ø 8,5 cm
(spot) l 28 cm, base Ø 10,7 cm
(long arm) l 191,6 cm

aluminium head
steel stem

semi-matt grey

LED - 14.5 W - 2700 K
total flux 800 lm
CRI > 90 - Efficency 55 lm/W
beam angle 85°
220-230 V - 50/60 Hz

Product variants

Product family


An object that seems to defy the laws of physics. Counterbalance, the first project by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan, is a wall lamp with a very long steel arm (190 cm) whose weight, connected to a bearing structure in aluminium, is counterbalanced thanks to the use of gear wheels. The light source has changed to 800 lumens and the arm is perfectly straight, even though the lighting element is three times heavier.
The gear system, in thermopolymer, permits absolutely fluid movement: the arm (and, as a result, the light source) moves in every point along its axis, even assuming extreme positions, to the point of intersecting with its counterweight.
The light source also rotates, for the possibility of indirect lighting. This design allows positioning of the lamp in infinite configurations (for a wide range of domestic settings), keeping the counterweight and the head that contains the light source perfectly balanced in space. The LED source can be directly connected to the mains, avoiding the need for a low-tension transformer.
In the new wall-mounted spotlight version, the Counterbalance lamp, conserves the characteristic directional reflector cap and is enhanced by a new gray finish, shared with the other models in the family.