Quadro 500/625
Similar to the lighting provided by a photographic soft box, the Quadro produces a glare-free light, creating a soft-contoured, harmonic environment. This module is particularly exciting when combined with additional accent lighting, allowing for surprising combinations of great aesthetic appeal.

Quadro 500 and Quadro 625 are versatile lighting modules, that may be used for entire lighting walls, ceilings, or spires, be it with architecture, interior design, or the design of trade fair booths and shops in mind. They are particularly suited to being used in spas and wellness facilities, lounges, hotels, or open plan office space. The aluminium frame can carry weight. All electronics, window mounts and wiring is contained in a compact insert that is attached to the frame by four magnets. Thus the inserts can be easily removed for facile installation of the frames at the wall or the ceiling, using the refined Luce2 assembly system. The inserts can then be returned to the assembled framework and the wiring securely connected with Wieland stick contacts, completing the installation.

The impression generated by a lighting wall or spire thus created is simple, yet extravagant. The front window appears to float at a distance of 7 cm to the lighting body, held in place by fine metal mounts. This creates an appearance of lightness and elegance akin to modern glass facades. The overall design retains a unique tension. Unlike, say, a lightbox, which just creates uniform light, the light creates a subtle square pattern caused by the nuances in the light and the precisely defined inter-module gaps. A perfectly balanced assembly.

Quadro lighting modules
1) 500 x 500 x 200 mm
2) 625 x 625 x 200 mm
Frame: aluminium, 10 mm thickness
Frame height: 130 mm
Insert: 2 acrylic scattering windows, opal white, satin appearance
Electrical wiring preconfigured with Wieland stick contacts
Light source: 1 11W CFL (500 x 500)
Light source: 4 fluorescent tubes, 24W or 14W, dimmable (625 x 625)
The following configurations are available:

1) 500 x 500
a) Compact fluorescent lamp, not dimmable
b) 24 W dimmable compact fluorescent lamp
c) Dimmable LED

2) 625 x 625
a) 4 dimmable fluorescent tubes
b) Dimmable LED

Weight 1) 8,8 kg
Weight 2) 11,0 kg

All interior space with a modern, structured architectural framework: open plan office space, lobbies, halls, corridors. Shops, spas, treatment rooms, communication sites, and personal living space are some usage scenarios. The luce2 Quadro lighting module particularly shines where an emotional, subconscious opening is desired.